Thursday, October 1, 2009


Zen who? Zenfolio! That is

Zenfolio is a new site that I just started using in order to host some of my photography work. At this site clients and customers can go there to either look at photographs I may have taken of them our look at a small selection of some of my photographic art that I have taken over the years.

Some other great features of Zenfolio are that I can sell my work directly to the customer without me being involved. They take the order, collect the money and then send the order off to be printed and shipped directly to the customer.

I can set the size prints that can be ordered and the amount of the prints. My customers can also purchase frames for the prints at the same time.

Sound good? Well if you are a photographer and want to sign up with Zenfolio you can use this referal code and save yourself a few bucks BJV-UGX-MH8 @

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