Thursday, September 17, 2009

Superior AZ

Today A friend (Brad Armstrong) and I decided to take a little ride out of town to get away from our desks for a bit and shoot for the fun of it. We ended up in Superior, AZ which is about an hour or so drive east of downtown Phoenix.

Superior use to be a small thriving copper mining town like many throughout Arizona. I say use to be because since the eighty's the mine has closed. This is not uncommon due to pressures from environmental organizations and such. Mining has been a hazardous waste nightmare over the years with most mines now using better and safer techniques to keep these hazardous wasts to a minimal.

But the financial impact on this poor town without the mine running has been devastating to say they least. Building after building with some more than a hundred years old sitting boarded up with no hope of ever opening again.

It reminds me of another story that is out right now of farmers who can no longer farm their land because the government has shut off their water supply in order to save some tiny little fish that no one has ever even heard of before, all because environmental groups say it is more important to save this little fish than to keep Americans working and putting food on our tables.

Things I fear have gotten a little out of hand.

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