Friday, October 23, 2009

West Fork

Yesterday my wife and I had an overnighter in Sedona. We love to stay at The Inn at Oak Creek with a room on the creek side so we can sit on the balcony and feed the ducks in the creek.

When we got up this morning our plan was to get up and head on up 89A towards Flagstaff to West Fork trail. When we got there at 9am there was already a line of cars waiting to get in and we just made it in with only a few parking spots left.

It was a great morning with a slight chill in the air and the fall leaves just past their prime by a couple of weeks.

These two shots are on the trail heading into West Fork not to far in. The sky was fantastic with plenty of clouds to add to the drama of it all. Clouds are not something we get to often in Phoenix and when I see them I really appreciate them.

I must get back up there in a month or so to check out some new areas.

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