Thursday, April 30, 2009

Model Shoot

Last night I shot the cover for the May issue of and this is one of the almost 400 shots that I captured.

The models name is Kayla and she is a fairly new model who has a true heart for this and is doing I think very well.

AZ Model Showcase is an online model magazine that I launched a few months ago to help up and coming models get exposure and is becoming very popular so far.

This was also a great opportunity for me as well, helping me to continue my progression as a "professional photographer". Really it was a great opportunity for all that had been involved from Rob the studio owner at 141 Boston, Lisa from Angel Kissed Make-up, Nancy DeOrta who was the hair stylist and also Brad Armstrong who help as a technical consultant with lighting.

People have become my choice of photography from starting off as more of a nature photographer but I do still enjoy getting out there with nature.

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