Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mesa Riverview

Yesterday I spent may day and into the evening at a commercial shoot for the Mesa Riverview Mall in of course Mesa, AZ.

Mesa Riverview is a grouping of strip malls and free standing buildings consisting of many stores and restaurants such as Bass Pro Shop, Home Depot, Office Max, Chilies and the new Toby Keith restaurant to name a few.

Though I am not a Toby Keith fan I did stop in for dinner and found the food good and the prices fair.

The cool thing about this place is the transformation that takes place from daytime to nighttime due to the layout of colorful neon and incandescent lighting that makes this place come alive.

Above is a photo of the CineMark theatre which I took towards the end of my time there and is a great spot to photography if you like to shoot available light slow shutter speed stuff.

Next time I am there I will have to remember to bring my tripod to really take advantage of the lights at even slower shutter speeds (I am always forgetting something).

Note: Remember that you can also click on any of these images on this blog which will allow you to see the photo at a larger size so feel free click away.

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