Monday, January 11, 2010

The Old Church

One of the things I really enjoy photographing is old churches. This church is out by the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, AZ.

I am not exactly sure why I am drawn to old churches, maybe it has to do with the history a church tends to have when it comes to peoples lives. Many start off their lives with some sort of dedication as a family vows to raise their child in their faith, then the child once old enough to understand their family's faith gets baptized into that faith, many move on to getting married at their church then dedicating their child's life to their faith, and last the old church holds the remains of that persons life while others come in celebration of it.

I fear that many churches built today may not have such a history. People get tired of the old church and build new bigger and better churches to replace them while other churches fall into decay and are just torn down in order to provide more space for progress.


  1. Thanks Krista! I have been noticing some nice improvements on your photos. The shots of your daughter playing with the water in downtown Gilbert are great.