Monday, January 18, 2010


This week in the Phoenix area they are calling for rain almost all week. I think this is the first time in 22yrs that I have lived here that I have seen this. Most may know that Phoenix only gets like 9" of rain a year so to even have rain in the forecast for two or three days in a row is a big event. You will even see people standing outside when it rains just looking into the sky in wonder and amazement.

I decided today to take a little walk around ASU campus being it was a holiday and school was closed which meant plenty of parking would be available.

This church is a Catholic church which was built in 1903 right across from the original ASU building. In 1903 this place was still the wild west but you would never know it now with ASU being the biggest college in the country with over sixty thousand students.

I shot this at 18mm, ISO 320, f6.3 at 1/200 of a sec. I really love the textures and color of the old brick as it is flanked by these palms.

The palms of course not original to the desert but a great addition.

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