Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pixel Sling

For this new year I decided to start a new project built around photography. Being a working photographer as I looked at several camera products that I use I thought there was much room for improvement.

The first two products that I wanted to start with were based on the camera strap and also a camera strap mounting system to allow the photographer to bottom mount their strap.

As I looked at the modern camera strap one of the first complaints you hear would be the shortness of the strap itself and how the normal camera strap is designed to be worn around the neck or over the shoulder.

The professional camera setup hung by a strap draped around ones neck for hours can create great stress in the neck area and after many hours starts to feel like an anchor dragging them down. A better way I thought would be to wear it slung across your should and chest which spreads the load out much more effectively. It is also a safer way to carry your camera verses slung over your shoulder which when worn this way tends to fall off your shoulder from time to time.

It was important to me in redesigning the strap to have it still be able to mount to the camera using the stock mounting points if desired. This would allow no other necessary items to be purchased if this was all you wanted out of your strap.

The second item that is just coming off the production line is a new mounting system to allow the photographer to connect their camera strap to the bottom of the camera at the 1/4 20 tripod mounting point. This is becoming a desired way to carry the camera which by doing this keeps the cameras strap out of the face of the photographer when shooting vertically. It is a more casual setup but has its purpose just as well.

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