Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sedona is one of my favorite places in the entire world. If any place has been touched by the hand of God it has surely been Sedona.

It is said that there are vortex's or abnormal energy on top of some of these mountains this one being Airport which is a popular place to visit.

I am not a plant expert but I am pretty sure this is a Juniper tree. These trees on top of these supposed vortex mountains grow in this strange twisted way. I can't explain why. Maybe there is a good explanation for it that I am unaware of. But in any case they are a sight to see.

I am going to try and get back there again this coming week to look for some new spots to photograph. I can't wait!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


It was just about a perfect day yesterday with temps in the 70's and what better day to turn fifteen and celebrate your transition into womanhood.

I have found myself taking this shot a lot lately. It was taken from above, in this case standing on the concrete base of a light pole about three feet above the subject.

Cinthia loved the shot and couldn't wait to get a copy of it for herself.

As I am getting older now almost 47 "ouch" I find myself enjoying photographing younger people. Not that I am not just a s happy at "47" or maybe even happier just that you do reflect back at youth sometimes.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hoover Dam

I took a quick trip to Vegas on Monday for the day. I have never been to Vegas and a great wedding photographer named David Ziser was going to be there for a lecture and I thought it was a good enough reason to get me over there.

While driving there I got to drive over the mighty Hoover Dam. What a sight with the new bypass bridge being built in the backdrop.

I didn't really get a chance to see the sights of Vegas being the lecture ended a little late and I needed to get up early and drive back but at least I could say I was there.

Another place checked off my list!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yesterday I spent the day shooting Dayana for her Quinceanera or 15th birthday celebration. It was a nice day and she was a great subject to photograph.

The event was about 9hrs long which for an old guy like me is starting to get a little tough. But I love this work and I of course work through the sore legs, tired feet and sore neck from lugging around a camera for that long.

Being a part of a persons celebration to me is a wonderful thing to experience. It could be a birthday celebration or wedding or whatever but just being there to see the joy of the day makes everything that is going on in the world seem to fade away even for just a short while.